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about us

Kato Education exists to achieve fair and equitable education for life, for all.

We do this in three ways:

1. Educational Delivery

We change lives through dynamic, inspirational learning experiences.

Our Integrative Education qualifications enable the individual learner to engage with their education on their own terms, becoming independent, confident and creative members of society.

2. Educational Development

We create innovative, empowering education.

We develop qualifications in partnership with organisations who align with our vision and values. Contact us to work with us and get your qualification ideas accredited.

3. Education Advocacy

We work towards progressive educational reform.

We understand that so much of what the world needs lies in effective educational reform, and that our innovative delivery and development is part of a greater whole. 

Our vision and values

"Education must not simply teach work,

it must teach life" 

W.E.B du Bois

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