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The Integrative Education Programme allows young people to engage directly with their learning. They have the opportunity to choose something they are interested in or passionate about, and build an independent project around it that is flexibly assessed, supported throughout by a tutor and a mentor, and carries with it an accredited qualification.


They also offer development in critical and creative thinking skills, an integral module on personal, social and learning skills, as well as an integrative approach to learning the more traditional subject areas.


It is an inclusive system, because it uses a fairer, wider range of assessment such as portfolios, presentation and performance. It doesn’t rely on summative exams and is much more flexible and able to work with students’ needs and strengths.


The courses run at both Level 2 and Level 3 and are accredited by Ofqual. Each module at Level 2 has the same Guided Learning Hours as a GCSE. The Level 3 programme carries UCAS points.

At Kato Education, our dedicated team will support you to introduce the Integrative Education qualifications into your school or educational setting.

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