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integrative education

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Integrative Education: 

  1. Engages the whole person – both teacher and student. They use and develop their mental, physical and emotional skills.

  2. Connects the learner and their learning to their daily life. Their own experiences become valuable in their learning; their learning is useful in their own lives. The student’s educational experience remains relevant for them and continues to do so, as they leave the educational setting and move out into the world. 

  3. Connects or combines both different subjects and the skills those subjects seek to develop. 


Education that is integrative will – we believe – be more engaging, more enlightening, more meaningful. Students will have the chance to love what they learn and apply it wherever it is most needed in their lives. 


More broadly, we can see that humanity is facing some serious challenges, with increasing numbers of crises threatening us at every level. Things have to change, and education is a crucial part of that. Our education systems are not currently enabling people to function happily, healthily, or sustainably in the world. 

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Integrative Education Resources

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what people say

Home Educating Parent

Thank you so much for all your brilliant work with him and lovely lessons - you put in such a lot of work to adapt to how he learns. 

It's just lovely to see all his hard work rewarded like this! 

Getting to do it was such an amazing thing for him, thank you. 

Integrative Education

How I want to learn or how I feel like I can best learn is
always considered first.


Integrative Education

The principles behind this education (and)these qualifications...are really quite profound.

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